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Information for new Piano students.

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Motivated students aged 10 and above, and adult students of all levels (including beginners) are welcome to apply for lessons.

Lesson Time and Day:
Lessons are offered weekdays between 9am and 8:00pm. Most students choose to have one lesson of 30 minutes per week, but more regular and longer lessons are also available. No lessons are held on the weekends.

Lessons are held in four terms with 2 weeks break in between and an extended holiday over Christmas. No lessons are held on public holidays.

Term Dates 2016

* There are NO classes on Public Holidays:
Labour Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday & Melbourne Cup Day. See Victoria Online for correct dates.

Term 1 16 February - 23 March
Term 2 11 April - 24 June
Term 3 11 July - 16 September
Term 4 3 October - 16 December


Prices for 2016 are $37 for 30 minutes, $55.50 for 45 minutes and $74 for 1 hour. 
After the first lesson, payment is in advance for the remaining weeks of the term. 


Lessons are held at my studio in Northcote (the city end near North Fitzroy). Nearby is Merri train station (3 minute walk), Tram stop (3 minute walk), and there is ample unmetered parking. 


Cancellation & Changes:
24 hours notice must be given in order to cancel or change a lesson time. Up to two changes can be made per term and will be either credited or given as "make-up" lessons. 


Students will be required to purchase books from time to time. They should also bring along to every lesson an exercise book (for me to write in) and a scrapbook of blank paper, slightly larger than A4. Both of these items are available at newsagents and supermarkets. 

Music Books are all available from Allans (call first to check they are in stock!) and online stores.

Allans Music Melbourne
152 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000
E-mail: info.melbourne@allans.com.au
Ph:(03) 9654 8444  Fax:(03) 9654 7868  

Also try www.sheetmusicplus.com, www.wordery.com, www.bookdepository.com/ etc.


 I follow the needs of the individual student in regard to performance and examinations. If appropriate, examinations are organised through the AMEB - http://www.ameb.unimelb.edu.au, which is a highly respected Australian organisation that offers a range of exams for all levels of piano. 


Instrument information:
All students must have a piano or good quality keyboard in order to practice.

Keyboards should be at least semi-weighted, have full sized keys, pedals and as many octaves as you can afford (full 7 octave range is best!).

Pianos are available new at a range of places around Melbourne, and second-hand through the Trading Post.

I recommend using Melbourne Piano Sales for second hand pianos. They offer a hire/buy scheme and also have many great quality second hand pianos available in stock.

Melbourne Piano Sales
196 Mary Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Ph:(03) 9429 7999  Fax:(03) 9429 7988

I don't have a piano tuner I can happily recommend at present.


Practising is a major part of learning the piano. Be prepared to put in a little time everyday, 5 times a week and development will happen at an enjoyable pace. Beginner students are encouraged to try 15 minutes a day and increase it as they progress. Small regular practises work much better than a long cramming practice the night before a lesson.  

Parents need to help their children to develop good practising habits. Much like brushing their teeth, please don't expect them to remember, and unfortunately you will experience some resistance at times. Sticking to a regular practise routine helps kids to develop discipline and self motivation which are wonderful traits, but often don't come naturally!

Adult beginners or returning to lessons after a long break:

A lot of potential adult students approach me somewhat apologetically with the following sentence: "sorry, I have no knowledge of piano, can I still learn?". The answer is YES and you don't need to have any musical experience in order to start lessons.

Beginning anything new as an adult can be a little bit daunting. Particularly for those students who are extremely proficient in their working life, it is an odd experience to suddenly know very little about a subject. Students often feel vulnerable, sensitive and sometimes it can bring up issues from childhood, especially if they had a bad experience learning piano in the past (slap happy nuns with rulers anyone?).

Learning the piano is as much about learning 'how to learn', being open to taking instructions and being patient with yourself, as it is about actually playing the piano. The idea that mistakes are normal can be difficult for some older students to accept, but just like eating your greens, it is all good for you in the end.

Adults however, have the distinct advantage of being highly motivated once they decide to be, and also find reading music much easier than children. It can be highly rewarding to achieve a dream that you have had for a long time. It is never too late to learn or return to playing the piano!